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  Products Info
    This machine is suitable for rotor paper inserting of mini-engine, such as series engine, electrical tool engine and so on. The entire machine adopts welding frame, casting cabinet and aluminum shield. Servo engine controls main axis transmission and paper feeding with high efficiency. The length of insulating paper can be controlled. Moreover there are armature thickness and insulation paper test. The machine operates normally with high speed, stable and reliable. The appearance is graceful and concise, with human operation. It is one rotor paper inserting machine with the machinery and electric reaching the international level.
  Function and Features
1.Main axis adopts servo engine, which can stop at any position. It transmits by conjugate cam with zero clearance, operating with high speed, no vibration or noise. 
2.Servo paper feeding with precise length and can be set on panel, easy to adjust. 
3.Displacement sensor checks armature thickness; and fiber-optical test whether paper has been inserted in right position. 
4.There are paper pre-feeding structures to reduce resistance; and it can save time for paper changing by double paper trays. 
5.I/O feed through ramp. There are vibrators and spring setting without manually. It can rotate and insert straight and oblique slot when loading. 
6.Cemented carbide has been inlayed into armature seats, indexing shifting fork and inversion shifting fork. Indexing is liable and durable. 
7.The module of tooling is unit, no adjustment after changing, easy to use. 
8.Gas circuit is correct with security protection. Control valve adopts valv terminal; and cable is out of wire, simple. It is convenient for checking and maintaining. 
9.The industrial air condition has been set into cabinet. Siemens touch panel man-machine interaction can set and display kinds of rotor paper inserting craft. Most parts are considered as operation state to display, monitor, help describe, breakdown display and other operation records. It is easy to operate study, adjust and maintain. 
10.The appearance is concise and graceful, which conforms to man-machine engineer.
  Technical Parameter
1.Overall dimension: 1918×1666×2115(L×W×H)mm 
2.Wight: About 800kg 
3.Power: 3 phases 380VAC±5%,50HZ/60HZ 
4.Rated power: 2.5KW 
5.Work air pressure: 0.4-0.7Mpa 
6.Produce efficiency: 5sec/12 slots (0.3 sec/slots) 
7.Insulating paper: thickness 0.15~0.35mm, it can meet all kinds of insulating paper in the current market. 
8.Error of insulating paper length: ±0.1 mm 
9.Armature stack thickness: 10-76mm 
10.Rotor exterior dimension: φ20~φ60mm(can be set for special requirement) 
11.Rotor shaft length: <250mm(can be set for special requirement) 
12.Rotor slot No.: 8-48 
13.Non-commutator end shaft length: <70mm