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  Products Info
The machine is applied in inserting the commutator of the micro- motor and is controlled by the motor servo system +PLC logical control. With the servo motor+fiber tracing location, the vibration feeder to load, the pneumatic manipulator places the commutator on the working position, the conveyor will automatically transport the iron core of the rotor onto the working position. through the pneumatic part , automatically compress the commutator into the iron core.
  Function and Features
1.is suitable for auto production line and one machine, both the auto mation and the productivity are high. 
2. All aluminum alloy frame, graceful and beautiful. 
3. Servo system+ fiber tracing location can be applicable to the hook or slot type commutator. The precision of the location is high. 
4. The pressure displacement sensor is available, automatically detect the pressure force, the action of compression is stable and smooth. 
5. With import PLC and touch screen interface, it is easy and convenient to operate, self-detection alarm function is also available.
  Technical Parameter
1. power supply: 3phase AC220V±10% 50/60HZ 
2. power: 2KW 
3. air source: 4-6kg/cm2 
4. max.compression force : 1250kg 
5. outside diameter of the commutator: φ12-40mm(the special on request) 
6. height of the commutator: 10-35mm(the special on request) 
7. diameter of the rotor iron core: φ20-55mm(the special on request) 
8. thickness of the rotor iron core: 20-65mm(the special on request) 
9. shaft length at the commutator: MAX.110mm(the special on request) 
10. shaft length of the rotor: MAX. 250mm(the special on request) 
11. productivity: about 12s/pc 
12. total weight of the main machine: 450kg 
13. Overall dimension: 1120*760*1730(L*W*H)mm