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SFA-C(S23)TYPE full automation armarture slot insulating paper inserting machine
  Products Info
This machine is special for inserting slot wedge piece into the straight groove or chute groove of mini-engine rotor such as series slot, all of integral aluminum alloy frame (anodicoxidation), import acryl shield, elegant appearance and easy to use. Has high automatic in charging, inserting paper insulation and discharging, SFA-C-S23 has the automatic assembly line body union rotor production line automatic operation.
  Function and Features
1. Replace tooling kit with speediness. 
2. Simple、convenient and reliable operation. 
3. PLC logical control,good man-machine interface, easy to use and has voice-alarm function. 
4. Stable、high efficiency, and meet international standards of familiar machine.
  Technical Parameter
1.Voltage: 220VAC±10% , 50/60HZ 
2.output power: 0.75KW,Transducer 1.5KW 
3.air source pressure: 0.4~0.7MPa 
4.Rotor outer diameter: φ20~φ60mm 
5.Rotor lamination thickness:12~70mm 
6.Number of rotor slot: 5-40 
7.Rotor shaft length: 180mm 
8.Insulation : thickness0.15-0.35mm,can meet various insulation in current market; inserter ength error ±0.15mm